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Whoa! This weather is a motivation killer!

Cold, snow…..cold….cold, more snow, ice, sleet….c’mon, it’s the first day of March! Well, it is ya know. Last month, the #WE35 task was to shoot 36 frames, as if it were film and at 35mm FOV, of course. So, I decided that I would be all in, I have an old Nikon N8008s and picked up a roll of Kodak TRX 400 in B&W. Yeah, I was gonna shoot 36 frames, send it off for processing and scanning and make my contact sheet for the project! Well, as time started ticking, I realized a few days ago that I was not going to complete this with the film camera, so I used my DSLR. I set the ISO to 400 and taped the barrel of my Tamron 19-35mm at the 35mm mark (to prevent the ability to zoom) and started shooting. Saturday, the 28th….the last day of the project and I needed about 27 frames. It’s very painful knowing that you cannot delete an image for a “do-over”, remember this is like using film. So, I have several shots that are, indeed, out of focus, bad lighting, motion blur, etc, etc. It was a good exercise, challenging and fun. I still have the film loaded and will most likely finish it when the weather allows me to be outside comfortably. I’ve also got the Mamiya ready to roll as well. Film in the fridge, camera bags loaded, tripod ready…..we all know the routine. I am enjoying this #WE35 project so far, but with 35mm, one has to be fairly close to the subject to make s decent image, I have not been very good at that lately, but hopefully that will also change with the weather. I did manage to take some photos with the FED 3b and the Yashica Electro. The images from the FED turned out pretty good, but the Yashica is very dim, or flat….I’ll be taking the FED out some more, but I wish I had a 35mm lens for that one so I could use it for the #WE35 project. I might try and find a decent, cheap 55mm for the Mamiya as for this project as well (55mm on a medium format is approximately 35mm FOV on a …35mm of course).

At any rate, please check out another project of mine at http://www.garagesalepictures.com

Here is my contact sheet for the #WE35 February Expedition. and some images from recent contributions to the project.

Feb_contactsheet_Ron_Childress Feb_THISIMAGEROCKS_Ron_Childress (1 of 1) In_phocus (1 of 3) In_phocus (2 of 3) In_phocus (3 of 3) in_phocus 16 In_Phocus-2 In_Phocus-5 In_Phocus-6 In_Phocus-7 In_Phocus-8 in_phocus-9 in_phocus-10 in_phocus-11 in_phocus-15 in_phocus-19 in_phocus-22 in_phocus-23


Is it the 17th of Jan already…..?

Yeah, I guess it is! Not a whole lot to write about. I still have not finished the roll of film in my Yashica Electro, or Fed 3b cameras….sad. I know for a fact that I only have a couple of exposures left in each of them too. Truth be told, I did shoot an entire roll of film in the FED, but there was an anomaly when I attempted to rewind the roll. I’m sure it was user error on my part. The process calls for pressing and turning a button to release the spool, but I’ve found that I also need to keep pressure on that button as well. The bad result was the winding mechanism is stronger that the film and will indeed break said film in half, or wherever it decided to rip apart. Needless to say I was infuriated! But, I calmly opened the back and removed the EXPOSED film and inserted a fresh new roll. At least with this roll there might be some more interesting images. The Yashica Electro is simple enough. I’ve also got another roll of film the Yashica 44 TLR (also had a mishap with the first roll of 127 film in that one as well. It seems that if one is not paying attention to the camera on a tripod that one can turn the camera on the ballhead and open the film compartment)….yeah, guilty! At any rate, I think I have learned many valuable lessons. Oh another good one on me-I have a Polaroid back on my Mamiya RB67 and the first photo I took……I took with the dark slide in place….geesh….at least with the 120 film backs there is an interlock that wont fire the shutter without removing the dark slide….lol. I need to get busy with the Mamiya, I’ve got several rolls of black and white film that needs to be shot!

I’m still hanging in there with the #WE35 Project. https://plus.google.com/100280947441119295849

I’ve not taken near as many images as some of the other photogs, but I’m hoping that I’ll get out more in the coming weeks. Work, family and fraternal organizations occupy quite a bit of my time.

Here are my latest contributions to the #we35 project…..

in_phocus-27 in_phocus-26 in_phocus-25