#WE35 May Expedition

I sometimes find myself cringing with the monthly expeditions. Not that I have trouble with the instructions, rather, I have been finding it difficult to get out and shoot!

Our Expedition for May had the following guidelines:

Attend a local gathering, celebration, or festival in your neck of the woods.

The goal is to tell the story of the event with three photographs.

Totem – Photograph an object of significance for the event. 

Portrait – A creative goal of this project is to break down the barrier between photographer and subject. We hope by making a portrait of someone, you are getting involved in the event and not standing on the sidelines. 

Moment – choose one moment that truly illustrates the spirit of the event.

So, here it is, the 30th of May and I finally found the time and there was an event as well! So I headed out the door. I’ve taken photos at this event in the past and this time it was challenging. I’ll say this-using a 35mm lens really makes one “get in there” for the shot! I also took along my Mamiya RB67, but only had black and white film…bummer.

At any rate, the event was the annual Via Colori. Here is a description from the website hosting the event for an explanation:

“Via Colori® is the modern day version of a centuries-old tradition in which dozens of artists create large scale pastel artworks directly on the pavement of our city’s streets. Each square is sponsored by a business, organization or other entity, and proceeds benefit the Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation”

So, my “Totem” image is of a group of Brownies working together on a very large piece. To me this shows that togetherness is strength in overcoming obstacles in life.

My “Portrait” image is of one artist that I was able to engage in conversation. She didn’t really want to pose for the shot and I could not get close enough in front of her, so I told her I wanted her working on the art while I took her photo. Really, I did enage this one…lol. It’s really not easy with the way the streets and the artist’s areas are set up. So, at least I was able to have a conversation.

My “Moment” image is very edited, I could not find any of my photos to use and then I saw it, but I needed to crop…a lot, or simply find a way to the word “hope”, that is what this is all about.

These first three images were my submissions:

Ron Childress The Moment May (1 of 1) Ron Childress The Portrait May Ron Childress The Totem May

A few additional images from the event.

WE35 May Expedition (5 of 18) WE35 May Expedition (9 of 18) WE35 May Expedition (13 of 18) WE35 May Expedition (1 of 18) WE35 May Expedition (2 of 18) WE35 May Expedition (3 of 18) WE35 May Expedition (14 of 18)


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