Is it the 17th of Jan already…..?

Yeah, I guess it is! Not a whole lot to write about. I still have not finished the roll of film in my Yashica Electro, or Fed 3b cameras….sad. I know for a fact that I only have a couple of exposures left in each of them too. Truth be told, I did shoot an entire roll of film in the FED, but there was an anomaly when I attempted to rewind the roll. I’m sure it was user error on my part. The process calls for pressing and turning a button to release the spool, but I’ve found that I also need to keep pressure on that button as well. The bad result was the winding mechanism is stronger that the film and will indeed break said film in half, or wherever it decided to rip apart. Needless to say I was infuriated! But, I calmly opened the back and removed the EXPOSED film and inserted a fresh new roll. At least with this roll there might be some more interesting images. The Yashica Electro is simple enough. I’ve also got another roll of film the Yashica 44 TLR (also had a mishap with the first roll of 127 film in that one as well. It seems that if one is not paying attention to the camera on a tripod that one can turn the camera on the ballhead and open the film compartment)….yeah, guilty! At any rate, I think I have learned many valuable lessons. Oh another good one on me-I have a Polaroid back on my Mamiya RB67 and the first photo I took……I took with the dark slide in place….geesh….at least with the 120 film backs there is an interlock that wont fire the shutter without removing the dark slide….lol. I need to get busy with the Mamiya, I’ve got several rolls of black and white film that needs to be shot!

I’m still hanging in there with the #WE35 Project.

I’ve not taken near as many images as some of the other photogs, but I’m hoping that I’ll get out more in the coming weeks. Work, family and fraternal organizations occupy quite a bit of my time.

Here are my latest contributions to the #we35 project…..

in_phocus-27 in_phocus-26 in_phocus-25



Wow….I am not good at this. At least in the sense that I am not a daily, hell, even a weekly poster/blogger. I can come up with the usual excuses; it’s cold, I’m tired, I’ve got other responsibilities that are more important…..yeah, all real. So, this #we35 project is really pretty interesting. There are contributors all over, traveling, walking, living and all sharing their daily visions in 35mm for all the world to see. I’ve missed a lot of photos, but mainly because my 35mm prime is a manual focus lens. I was using a Tamaron 19-35mm and making sure it was on 35mm, but I wanted a prime. I’ve also been shooing some film with a Yashica Electro 35, a FED 3B, a Yashica 44 TLR and soon….wait for it……wait for it…..Yeah I bought a sweet Mamiya RB67!! Woohoo! I’ve got some film, a Polaroid back, two 120 backs, a 150mm SF lens, a 90mm lens and a prism viewfinder. I am looking forward to getting this out into the world and running a few rolls of film through it! Something about the all mechanical all manual function. The sounds, the feel (this camera with the prism viewfinder weighs about 6 or more lbs). I’ve also got a Kodak Tourist camera that might get some film as well. I love these old cameras, one day I hope to own a Nikon SP, all chrome….now that would be awesome. I’ve got a friend and fellow photog who recently purchased a Hasselblad 500C/M and we are both geeking out about the film. One day I might even develop my own because it is painful waiting for film to get back in ones hands!

I’ve also started building a new project site. It’s still in the “working” phase, so no content is being shared, but keep checking here     it’ll be up in a few weeks or a month or so.

At any rate (I say that too often) I hope this month is going well for everyone. BTW-All of these images were shot using a 35mm prime lens.

in_phocus-14 in_phocus-16 in_phocus-15in_phocus 16

Cannonball from the battle of Fredericksburg. This is a fake one, but a real one did put the hole there.
Cannonball from the battle of Fredericksburg. This is a fake one, but a real one did put the hole there.
Rest in Peace, my Brothers.
Rest in Peace, my Brothers.

in_phocus-19 in_phocus-21

Market square, Fredericksburg, Va
Market square, Fredericksburg, Va
It's too damn cold for this!
It’s too damn cold for this!
Little barber much character
Little barber shops…so much character
fresh owner
fresh paint….one owner