2014 is almost gone…….

Another year has all but come and gone. We made our usual trek to Georgia to visit my family for Christmas. I did get the 35mm prime lens I ordered!! So  no more making sure the zoom is locked. However, I did not realize immediately that I needed to add a “non CPU” lens profile to my Nikon D700, as I did not, the images show that they were taken at 24mm (another non-CPU lens I own). I have added and hopefully will remember to keep that setting up to date as I switch lenses….This was to be a “redo” from last year. My mother had major heart surgery last year and we were unable to celebrate as she was in the hospital for several weeks. My aunt and uncle were also there so we all had a great time visiting with each other, I seriously had intentions of getting out into town and taking some pictures, but we did not venture out at all. I did manage to take a few in the yard and of my brothers boxer. Here’s to hoping the very best to all in the coming year. Celebrate responsibly, be happy, love each other.in_phocus-10 in_phocus-11 in_phocus-12


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