Tonight we went to view a local event; 12th Annual Remembrance Illumination on Broaddus Pond in Bowling Green, Virginia. We headed out and took a few pictures. I’m not sure how many luminaries were floating, but the part of the pond we could see seemed well populated. Taking these were a bit of a challenge, both technically as well as waiting for cars to pass (since one could drive through and see them as well as park like we did). I also made sure to take a few at 35mm for #we35 project. I’m still hoping to get out and take some more photos this weekend. I attempted to go find a local spot to get some 35mm film developed, but there are none to fulfill my needs. I only want high res digital copies of the negatives…lol. I guess that I will send them off, unless I can find a negative scanner that is reasonably priced (open to suggestions).

At any rate, here is an image from this evening.in_phocus-9


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