So, I have not been taking, nor posting any photos since my last post. I’ve taken photos, processed them, but I sort of lost the motivation to keep this site (or any others) up to date. I even deleted my instagram account, faded off of Facebook. Over the summer I bought a kayak and decided that I also needed to start fishing from it, so that took much of my weekends. I also picked up a GoPro and made a few videos, bought a metal detector and went searching for relics….lol. Everything but photography! Well, I continued to follow my favorite photogs on G+ and I notice a call for photographers to participate in a project!! Winter is here, the kayak is put away…why not! Well, I headed over to http://www.thephotofrontier.com/35/ and checked it all out. All images will be taken with a 35mm lens (or equivalent) posted with #we35. So far I have a few images, but nothing like the ones the website owners have shared.I don’t have a 35mm prime lens so I have been using a Tamron 19-35mm and keep it zoomed to 35, of course. SO head over to Instagram, or G+ and search for #we35 to check out the images! Don’t forget to check out my favorite links!






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