2014 is almost gone…….

Another year has all but come and gone. We made our usual trek to Georgia to visit my family for Christmas. I did get the 35mm prime lens I ordered!! So  no more making sure the zoom is locked. However, I did not realize immediately that I needed to add a “non CPU” lens profile to my Nikon D700, as I did not, the images show that they were taken at 24mm (another non-CPU lens I own). I have added and hopefully will remember to keep that setting up to date as I switch lenses….This was to be a “redo” from last year. My mother had major heart surgery last year and we were unable to celebrate as she was in the hospital for several weeks. My aunt and uncle were also there so we all had a great time visiting with each other, I seriously had intentions of getting out into town and taking some pictures, but we did not venture out at all. I did manage to take a few in the yard and of my brothers boxer. Here’s to hoping the very best to all in the coming year. Celebrate responsibly, be happy, love each other.in_phocus-10 in_phocus-11 in_phocus-12



Tonight we went to view a local event; 12th Annual Remembrance Illumination on Broaddus Pond in Bowling Green, Virginia. We headed out and took a few pictures. I’m not sure how many luminaries were floating, but the part of the pond we could see seemed well populated. Taking these were a bit of a challenge, both technically as well as waiting for cars to pass (since one could drive through and see them as well as park like we did). I also made sure to take a few at 35mm for #we35 project. I’m still hoping to get out and take some more photos this weekend. I attempted to go find a local spot to get some 35mm film developed, but there are none to fulfill my needs. I only want high res digital copies of the negatives…lol. I guess that I will send them off, unless I can find a negative scanner that is reasonably priced (open to suggestions).

At any rate, here is an image from this evening.in_phocus-9

So far……so good?

I’ve managed to make a few images for this project. Because there is not a mandatory number of shots, or that I need to have one daily makes this fairly easy. The painful part is that I have to get the finished image on my phone, open it with instantsquare so that the 35mm perspective stays in tact, then upload it to instagram. Not horribly difficult, but I would prefer to do it all from the laptop. I enjoy seeing all the other #we35 images and I wish that I had more daylight before and after work to make some better images. Maybe this weekend I’ll get out and take a few. I’ve also ordered a used 35mm prime lens to use exclusively for this project. Even though I am faithfully keeping the Tamron 19-35mm at 35mm, a prime will be so much better. I’ve also shot a couple rolls of film that might make it into this project as well! I still need to figure where to get the film developed and get some digital images from them. I don’t want prints, but I don’t want 640×480 digital jpg’s either. So, here are a few more images from me for the #we35 project!Don’t forget to search for #we35 on all the social media sites!

#we35 Field Report: Diner in Fredericksburg, Va.
#we35 Field Report: Diner in Fredericksburg, Va.
#we35 Field Report: Road widening in Falmouth Va (Right outside of Fredericksburg proper)
#we35 Field Report: Road widening in Falmouth Va (Right outside of Fredericksburg proper)


So, I have not been taking, nor posting any photos since my last post. I’ve taken photos, processed them, but I sort of lost the motivation to keep this site (or any others) up to date. I even deleted my instagram account, faded off of Facebook. Over the summer I bought a kayak and decided that I also needed to start fishing from it, so that took much of my weekends. I also picked up a GoPro and made a few videos, bought a metal detector and went searching for relics….lol. Everything but photography! Well, I continued to follow my favorite photogs on G+ and I notice a call for photographers to participate in a project!! Winter is here, the kayak is put away…why not! Well, I headed over to http://www.thephotofrontier.com/35/ and checked it all out. All images will be taken with a 35mm lens (or equivalent) posted with #we35. So far I have a few images, but nothing like the ones the website owners have shared.I don’t have a 35mm prime lens so I have been using a Tamron 19-35mm and keep it zoomed to 35, of course. SO head over to Instagram, or G+ and search for #we35 to check out the images! Don’t forget to check out my favorite links!