Dropping the proverbial ball

And did I ever drop it! Almost two full months without an entry. Sad, very sad. But, I am not stressing over it, at least that is my self medicating excuse for being lazy, having a lack of motivation and creativity. Lately I have held my eye to the viewfinder of my camera many times, only deciding not to press the shutter release button. I am not sure if I was not happy with the image in the viewfinder, or the composition. The lighting? The subject? Whatever the reason, I have not made many images since the last entry. I’ll upload them here once I complete the many lines of excuses regarding my lack of posting/blogging. Before I get too carried away with ramblings and goings on, check out this website a friend and co-worker has started; http://www.christophercaseyphotography.com/

I have taken some images since I last posted, but the last PaD I posted was on May 2nd.  I still take the camera with me each and every day, I just don’t have any inspiration when I am commuting to and from work. I know that types of images I want to make and they are not out and about. I need to really buckle down and make the images I have wanted to make for some time. Still, my biggest problem is unpacking all of my lighting gear, connecting all the stands, umbrellas, softboxes, gobos, flags, lights, backgrounds, etc, etc, etc. That takes some time. Then, after about 30 minutes or less of shooting, I get to put it all away which takes another hour…lol.

I need to go back into LR and see how many images I actually processed since my last entry. I might have more than I should post here. I also need to update my “lens usage sheet”. I seem to remember stating that I was going to use my lenses equally.

Lens usage so far:

24mm 7
50mm 32
85mm 20
8mm 0
180mm 0
28-75mm 24
70-200mm 3
11-16mm 1
35-135 29
80-400 1
19-35mm 5


here are some images since my last posting. After looking through them, I realized that I have since started metal detecting (again),  worked a booth on a poker run( Custom Rocketz) in Culpeper, Va  and and met the awesome owners who took good  care of us! (I took a few shots of their bikes). Apr 1st May 17th May 17th-4 May 17th-3 May 17th-2 May 11th May 11th-2 May 7th May 6th May 2nd May 1st May 1st-2 April 30th April 28th April 27th April 26th April 25th April 24th April 24th-4 April 24th-3 April 24th-2 April 23rd April 22nd April 21st April 20th April 19th April 16th April 15th April 14th April 13th-4 April 12th April 12th-5 April 12th-4 April 12th-3 April 12th-2 April 12th srgb April 11th April 11th-2 April 10th April 9th April 8th April 7th April 6th Apr 19th Apr 17th Apr 5th Apr 4th Apr 3rd Apr 3rd-4 Apr 3rd-3 Apr 3rd-2 Apr 2nd Apr 2nd-2



One thought on “Dropping the proverbial ball”

  1. I totally feel you on the lack of inspiration. Hopefully, with all the practice you’re getting you’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for. Nice photographs. I really like the one of the airplane wing.

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