End of March…and the end of winter I hope!

Wow…we have had some strange pre-spring weather.  Warm for a few days and then…BAM!….ol’ man winter stirs up the snow and ice pot. We had snow again earlier this week. Not much mind you, but it was snow nonetheless. I did manage to get a few images that I really likes this past week. One of them I actually took the time to write a little about the shot so I would have something here to say about it. Since that is the only one I wrote about…I’ll list it first.

Because of the snow falling that morning, I remember thinking that I wanted an image that reflected the fact that I wanted spring to sneak in past winter, but winter caught the sneaky season and ripped it a new one. I thought about the daffodils that had just bloomed, but were now covered in snow…..yeah, something like that. While sitting at a traffic light, as usual, I saw this person riding a bike in this blowing, cold bitter snow/sleet thing we had coming down on us. I posted it to my pbase account and made this comment, “Yeah…it snowed again today! Yippee…So glad I am able to own a car. I can only image what level of “suck” this must be during this weather.” That image was a good representation of the mood. and here it is:


The previous day I posted an image of a carved bear from Big Sky Carvers that Tracey has positioned on either side of the fireplace. I posed the image as a happy bear looking up asking for spring to finally arrive…..and the next day was the biker in the snow…



I think that we are finally in the spring season. It rained all weekend and the temps stayed in the mid to upper 30’s, it will be getting into the 60’s and 70’s this week. Soon, I am sure, we will be crying for cooler temps, but until then…bring it on. Sunshine and vitamin D. I pre-ordered a Tamron 150-600mm lens, which still has not been sent (back ordered, I’m told). I am excited about that lens, I might be able to get some good bird or other wildlife images this year!!! Yesterday I missed a great opportunity for a bald eagle enjoying some roadkill with the company of two turkey vultures. I made a u-turn (legally) on a four lane divided highway to go back and get some shots. As soon as my car was almost completely stopped on the opposite side of the roadway, the eagle takes flight. I did not have my camera set for that! I locked focus and he flew…out of the focus plane, single servo the camera did not try to change focus, but kept firing off the shutter, each one out of focus. Oh well, there will be other opportunities. 25 meters from me though. I only had the 85mm, but I had the 600mm, I could have stopped at a further distance and not disturbed them! Such is life. At any rate, here are the other images that I did not delete last week.

Don’t forget to check out my photo-a-day gallery:





Oh yeah, even though I’ve seen many shots using this technique/ lighting set-up. Tracey and I might be doing one this year, or very soon!




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