Warm weather is on the way!!….at least Saturday felt that way.

One week left in the month of March! Why does it seem that when Winter arrives, it gets cold and stays cold, but when spring/summer arrives, it gets warm for a day, cold for 4 and then maybe another warms day. After a cycle or two of this, it is blazing hot….I know, I’m never fully happy with the weather. Most recently, Saturday was in the 70’s and today it made it to 48…!!! I took a lot of pictures Saturday, lots. I’ll add them all to this post as usual. I even met a celebrity, he goes by the name GCh Moongaze White Tie Affair. He’s a Whippet, Grand Champion.Image

Back to the weather…..last Monday we had snow, ice, cold, etc….this much:

Imageand this past Saturday I ate lunch outside with a cold brew and a glass of ice water…hahaImage


Oh, I did order that Tamron 150-600mm! Well, pre-ordered anyway. I read on Newegg and originally there was a note that stated the release date of 26 March, but recently it stated 1 april….sigh,…..it can’t get here soon enough!


I still have not been able to think of a functional way to document my daily images so that I can have something to say at these weekly blog posts. I’ll work on it. I’d also like to document all the gear I have/use as well as the stuff I’ve bought on impulse and my thoughts of each item. Some things I buy for a specific purpose, maybe for one or two shots, but I’ll buy the cheapo 3rd party flavor. I’ve got a few DIY things that actually work well. Maybe I’ll work on a post for that in addition to a weekly post. I know that I don’t have any readers, but I write this mostly for myself, to be quite honest. I’ve got a lot of stuff, stuff I rarely use (see why I buy inexpensive things?) studio strobes, back drops, reflectors, light stands, booms, softboxes, umbrellas….etc, etc, etc….Oh, and lenses current, past and future!

Coming up soon, I asked a local alpaca farm if I could come take pictures when they shear them. They said that they would love for me to take photos! So, in a couple of weeks…..there will be naked alpaca photo’s! Boudoir on the farm!

Ok…here are the images from this past week! Make sure to check out my PaD gallery! 



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