Mid March!

At the beginning of this week,  I decided that I would make a conscious effort to document, or at least take some notes, of the pictures that I took each day. Not notes as in; aperture, shutter speed, etc, rather, why I took it, how I envisioned the final product, etc. How did I do? Complete failure…haha. It is not that easy as the majority of my daily images throughout the week are shot from red lights and stop signs. I am still managing to get my photo-a-day, but there is no substance to most of them. Not that I am disappointed in them, but that I would love to have a pre-determined goal, instead of looking for something that looks interesting at every stop. I have not updated my lens usage chart that I started at the beginning of this, but I think that I have not exceeded the number of images per lens. I also added a lens to the group and have sold two that were on the list! I sold my Tamron 180mm macro and my Tokina 11-16mm. I have used both of those lenses, but not a lot. I only used the macro lens a few times last year, but got some great images, like these Cicada images. The Tokina was a tough one to finally sell. I loved that lens, but I rarely use my D200 and on the FX body it was only usable at 16mm, at least in FX mode. I have some pretty cool truck images, which I also printed for framing, or gluing to foam core, neither of which has happened yet (don’t look at the dates on those..haha). I sold those lenses because I wanted a long lens, a prime, but the cost of newer lenses is ridiculous. Look up the price of a 300mm, or 400mm, or longer, in the F/2.8 range…..yeah, used car prices on those. But….there are plenty of manual focus lenses for reasonable prices, Tamron, Tokina, 300mm F/2.8’s for less than $1500! Oh, the one I almost snagged was a Nikon 400mm F/3.5 manual focus. So, I obsessed over these lenses horribly. What did I finally decide…..? Well, the new Tamron 150-600mm F/5-6.3, of course! You see, I finally decided, after reading tons of reviews on the manual focus lenses, that I might not enjoy them too much. I have a manual focus wide angle, 24mm, but my subjects are fairly close, or it’s a landscape image and not a small bird or other creature 100 yards away. I am not shooting indoor sports, or any sports so I’ll most likely be on a tripod, or monopod. I can crank up the ISO for those not so bright days. I figure that technology, vibration compensation, etc would make this lens good enough for my needs. It is prices at a tad over $1000, selling those two lenses financed that for me. I also sold a Really Right Stuff “L” bracket and might have a 2x teleconverter on the auction site soon as well. I feel that since I am not making money with this hobby, that I should sell to finance it.

In other news, it is snowing tonight…..yeah….snowing! I took this image right about noon today:


Maybe I’ll have one with snow on these tomorrow….sigh….I am ready for warm days! We had a great and warm weekend otherwise, Saturday it was over 70 F. today it was 46 F today at the high.

My son’s car has been in a state of “not running” for a few months now and today he (we) started puting it back together. A 2002 Suburu does not have the easiest heads to remove or install!!! They are back on now, torqued, valve covers in place and ready for the rest of the motor to be pieced back together. He’s done a lot of tedious work and I think he is learning quite a bit in the process….here is the motor with the heads installed, notice that a lot of “stuff” has to come off to get the heads off…..


So, that is last week as I can remember while typing tonight. If I can think of anything else to mention, add, delete, or change, I’ll update as needed.

Please check out my favorite links and my Photo-a-Day Gallery.

Here are the images from last week:


Picked these up at an antique shop! Read about them here.


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