March 9th….

Rolling right along! We are slowly moving into spring! We’ve had a few warmer days this past week and they were welcomed! Of course, we had some pretty nasty snow last Monday, but I worked from home and snapped some great images of some cardinals feeing outside!

I’ve been drooling over some long lenses for some time now. I’ve lusted after a Nikkor 400mm F/3.5 manual focus lens as well as a Tamron 300mm F/2.8, also manual focus. Now, however, Tamron comes along with a 150-600mm F/5-6.3, which is considerably slower than the other two manual focus lenses, but the prices is the same. Plus, it’s new, has vibration comoensation and is 600mm!! So, I’ve sold a Tamron 180mm Macro and I am trying to sell my Tokina 11-16mm. I’ll almost have enough to get the 100-600….yeah, I want it. I’m not a pro with pro $$ who can afford super fast primes, but ohhhhh, would it be awesome to have those lenses! Here is a good review of the Tamron by GServo. I’m sure there are other reviews out there as well, but I followarticles here

I have not been out in town to take any street-style images, but warm weather should change that. I hope to use my 24mm (manual focus) for that type of shooting. I also picked up a 35-135mm a couple of months ago, I think I’ve mentioned that previously, but man,….I really dig that lens! Oh, that reminds me, I also need to put my Tamron 2x TC on ebay. More $$ towards the 100-600mm!!!

I should do reviews on older lenses..haha! I should show my DIY gear as well, strip light, etc…etc…


Don’t forget to check out my favorite links on to the left and my Photo-A-Day gallery is located here: PAD


Here all the images I kept from last week.



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