One more week of February left!

Can you believe it?! Another month will be behind us towards the end of this week. Last week was not bad, it was a short week, Federal Holiday on last Monday. I didn’t do a lot of photo taking, but I managed to get a few decent shots out of the lot. This weekend has been great. It was about 70 F degrees today! We managed to run all of our errands today and have time to stain a piece of furniture, smoke a cigar (Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary) and cook dinner on the grill!!

I keep a couple of small moleskin notebooks in my camera bag. Some have notes about some of the technical aspects of photography, lighting tips, exposure tips, etc, etc, etc….I really need to start keeping notes on the shots that I see and take. I remember reading somewhere that it was a good idea to write things down. It would be interesting to read a thought written prior to the image being made. I have the notebook, pens, etc, no excuse.

The photo-a-day project is steaming right along and I have not yet missed a day. A couple of times it has been somewhat difficult to make a photograph for the day and I have, so far, resisted the idea of just snapping an iphone picture and calling it a day. So far, that is. I’ve come close, but managed to pull it together.

I continue reading the blogs I have listed on the sidebar here and I have a Feedly account that I have let go for a few days and now there are 53 unread articles…uugghh….I will read them, though.

At any rate, here are some images from last week. To see the ones I actually posted, go to the Photo-a-Day site


Feb 17th_1 Feb 17th Feb 18th_1 Feb 18th Feb 19th_1 Feb 19th Feb 20th Feb 21st Feb 22nd_2 Feb 22nd_3 Feb 22nd_4 Feb 22nd_5 Feb 22nd Feb 23rd_1 Feb 23rd_2 Feb 23rd


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