Half way through February!

Insane, it is already the 16th of February. I am ready for warmer weather, but at the cost of another year flying by, yes. This past week was another difficult one, creatively speaking. I’m sure that I will blame the weather, free time, etc, etc, etc. The truth is that being creative is hard…haha. I think that I have a few decent images this week, at least I think they are pretty good.
We had another snow/rain/thunder storm and I must say that I’ve never experienced thunder during a snowstorm until now….what….the….heck……We made it through the storm without losing power  or water!! I have friends and family in Ga who were not all so lucky. Some friends there were without power for a day or two.  It’s business as usual again here, even though a lot of the snow that was piled during the plowing is still around, well….so is the snow in the grass, etc.

I continue to read articles by photographers and this past week was rich with good reading. One article that stood out was this one by GServo. Although I only own one 50mm lens, I am obsessed with owning old, manual focus lenses. I am not sure why, really. I have one, a Nikkor N.C. Auto 24mm f2.8 and so far I love it! I also own an old 35-135mm which is proving, to me anyway, to be an awesome lens! Even though it is a push-pull zoom, heavy as hell….I really like it.

My better half, Tracey, started a blog of her own and hopefully she’ll keep it updated. She is a talented artist and crafter.
I still have not made room in the basement for a “studio”, but it will happen this year.
Here are the images from last week. Even the alternate versions of the PaD’s!
My Photo a day Gallery is located here


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