One month of my 365 project complete!

Here it is, February 2nd. One month into my 365/PaD project. So far, so good. I am still enjoying it, no cheesy cellphone pictures.  I still want to take some outdoors photos using some off camera flash and some modifiers. That will need to be planned in advance and have a a willing subject. This past week was a strange one, freezing cold, snow, ice and today it was 70 degrees….insane.  A few friends and I decided to have a little experiment. All of us will take 3 images each, at the same focal length (50mm), one landscape, one architectural, one “street” style. We’ll then give each other the RAW files to edit. I just wanted to see how each of us will edit these images. We looks at a lot of photos taken by others and think of how we might have composed differently, etc. Well, now we have the chance to see how we all see things in a different light, so to speak. I am looking forward to see how they will all turn out!

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Here are the images from this past week.


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