One more week of February left!

One more week of February left!.


One more week of February left!

Can you believe it?! Another month will be behind us towards the end of this week. Last week was not bad, it was a short week, Federal Holiday on last Monday. I didn’t do a lot of photo taking, but I managed to get a few decent shots out of the lot. This weekend has been great. It was about 70 F degrees today! We managed to run all of our errands today and have time to stain a piece of furniture, smoke a cigar (Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary) and cook dinner on the grill!!

I keep a couple of small moleskin notebooks in my camera bag. Some have notes about some of the technical aspects of photography, lighting tips, exposure tips, etc, etc, etc….I really need to start keeping notes on the shots that I see and take. I remember reading somewhere that it was a good idea to write things down. It would be interesting to read a thought written prior to the image being made. I have the notebook, pens, etc, no excuse.

The photo-a-day project is steaming right along and I have not yet missed a day. A couple of times it has been somewhat difficult to make a photograph for the day and I have, so far, resisted the idea of just snapping an iphone picture and calling it a day. So far, that is. I’ve come close, but managed to pull it together.

I continue reading the blogs I have listed on the sidebar here and I have a Feedly account that I have let go for a few days and now there are 53 unread articles…uugghh….I will read them, though.

At any rate, here are some images from last week. To see the ones I actually posted, go to the Photo-a-Day site


Feb 17th_1 Feb 17th Feb 18th_1 Feb 18th Feb 19th_1 Feb 19th Feb 20th Feb 21st Feb 22nd_2 Feb 22nd_3 Feb 22nd_4 Feb 22nd_5 Feb 22nd Feb 23rd_1 Feb 23rd_2 Feb 23rd

Half way through February!

Insane, it is already the 16th of February. I am ready for warmer weather, but at the cost of another year flying by, yes. This past week was another difficult one, creatively speaking. I’m sure that I will blame the weather, free time, etc, etc, etc. The truth is that being creative is hard…haha. I think that I have a few decent images this week, at least I think they are pretty good.
We had another snow/rain/thunder storm and I must say that I’ve never experienced thunder during a snowstorm until now….what….the….heck……We made it through the storm without losing power  or water!! I have friends and family in Ga who were not all so lucky. Some friends there were without power for a day or two.  It’s business as usual again here, even though a lot of the snow that was piled during the plowing is still around, well….so is the snow in the grass, etc.

I continue to read articles by photographers and this past week was rich with good reading. One article that stood out was this one by GServo. Although I only own one 50mm lens, I am obsessed with owning old, manual focus lenses. I am not sure why, really. I have one, a Nikkor N.C. Auto 24mm f2.8 and so far I love it! I also own an old 35-135mm which is proving, to me anyway, to be an awesome lens! Even though it is a push-pull zoom, heavy as hell….I really like it.

My better half, Tracey, started a blog of her own and hopefully she’ll keep it updated. She is a talented artist and crafter.
I still have not made room in the basement for a “studio”, but it will happen this year.
Here are the images from last week. Even the alternate versions of the PaD’s!
My Photo a day Gallery is located here

A week into another month!

Cruising right along in the second month of my Pad! Winter is the hardest way to start because of the weather. It keeps us indoors, out of the cold. It also keeps our cameras indoors and often forces us to be creative. One of the reasons I skipped doing this in 2013 is because of the lack of creativity I was enduring. I opted for a iphone photo just to have an entry for that day. The stress…or the fact I let the PaD consume me was not good. I can only imagine what a full time, professional photographer suffers through. At least I could put the camera stuff away and my finances would not suffer, hell, they might actually improve!!! haha. Today was one of those “hard to shoot” days. It was cold, I had a headache, there were very few, if any, people out and about. I dragged myself (drove my car) to the top of the parking garage and took about 4 images. That is it, not 5, 4. I came home and took the memory card out of the camera and that was it for the day.

      Earlier this week I took a few shots on the way to and from work as usual and it is becoming a bit easier to find something to shoot, not sure why, but it is. Yesterday I took some photos of a baptism for a friend and wish that I could have gotten some better angles, but there were some good ones in there.

      I continue to follow my usual online sites and those links are to the right of this blog. I am finding more and more that I really want to take portraits, not like family  or senior portraits. More like the one Tracey and I did back on Jan 19th I love how some photographers find these awesome abandoned buildings, warehouses, hotels, etc and really make some great images! I even keep a couple of lightstands and a softbox in the car…”just in case”.  Maybe once I get some space in the house cleaned out I can set up a small area for those types of shots. After all, we know that a few props and a couple of lights can really do a lot if things are controlled and done with purpose.

So, until next week be safe in all that you do and follow those links I shared, there are some talented folks who willingly share great info, insight, tips, knowledge and all other kinds of photography related ideas.

Here are the images from this past week. Click here to go to my PaD Gallery.

One month of my 365 project complete!

Here it is, February 2nd. One month into my 365/PaD project. So far, so good. I am still enjoying it, no cheesy cellphone pictures.  I still want to take some outdoors photos using some off camera flash and some modifiers. That will need to be planned in advance and have a a willing subject. This past week was a strange one, freezing cold, snow, ice and today it was 70 degrees….insane.  A few friends and I decided to have a little experiment. All of us will take 3 images each, at the same focal length (50mm), one landscape, one architectural, one “street” style. We’ll then give each other the RAW files to edit. I just wanted to see how each of us will edit these images. We looks at a lot of photos taken by others and think of how we might have composed differently, etc. Well, now we have the chance to see how we all see things in a different light, so to speak. I am looking forward to see how they will all turn out!

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Also- please check out my 365 Gallery!

Here are the images from this past week.