Another week is come and gone. Almost 30 days into 2014. I’ve managed to keep the Photo-a_day going. Not only have I been able to get a photo each day, but I have not rushed some crappy iphone shot just to say “here is my PaD!”. I wish that I could keep this blog up to some extent, but hey, I am not doing this for anyone except me. We’ve had some pretty cold weather here, snow, ice, wind, cold, cold…..I think it is keeping us all indoors. I was downtown Fredericksburg this past Sunday at and after lunch and I bet there were less than 30 people walking around. Tracey and I went to the usual antique shops, grabbed a coffee at Hyperion Expresso and some  more shopping. Oh, we also ate lunch at Sammy T’s. I’ve been using that manual 24mm lens quite a bit and I actually like it, enough to even look for more older lenses to play around with. I’m also seeing that I enjoy primes better than zooms….odd. Today I took some photos in haste and made some mistakes, earlier this week I didn’t check my settings (the pictures came out good, but I was a little PO’d that I forgot some things).  I am looking forward to the warm weather, I want to get some “street-style” shooting in! I needs some crowds!

At any rate, here are the images from the last week.

Link to the PaD


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