Another week has passed….

One week since my last post and I think this is better than trying to write daily. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately, on photography of course. I purchased Zack Arais’s book, “Photography Q&A. So far, I am enjoying every letter of that book. He really lays it out, no sweetener added and I love it. So much great info.

I’m still faithfully following all of the updates from the Phoblographer site. Those folks are awesome, working folks with a love of photography and the desire to share their ideas, tips, tricks, news, reviews….just plain awesomeness.

I’ve also kept up with my PaD. A few times I felt as though I would fail to get an image, but instead of stressing about it, I decided just to think about how to make a shot and then see if there was a subject, or scene/setting that I could use. So far that type of thinking is working. Tonight, January 19ths image was a load of fun. Tracey and I put our heads together and took some great shots (I think so) of her.

As always, I do this for me, write this for me and I really enjoy making images and sharing them along with anything I’ve learned or read with friends or anyone else who asks or wants to listen.

Photo a Day Gallery

Here are the images from last week.


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