January 12th

     If it has went unnoticed, as I am sure that SO MANY read this..haha….I decided that I would not stress over writing a new post daily. I’ve managed to wait it out 6 whole days for this.

     So, I have managed to take a photo, edit said photo and upload it to my PaD (photo-a-day) Gallery over at Pbase. I am still enjoying it and today was no different. Today was a spur of the moment shot, but I feel pretty good about it. Not because I think it is a fantastic shot (the subject is of course), but because I stepped out of the car and managed to quickly compose, attach an SB-700 to a Justin clamp on a pear tree and light it! I would have preferred to get two lights up and flashing with a softbox, but hey….”spur of the moment”, right?
     One of the many talented photographers I follow on many sites, Gevon Servo on Google +Gevon Servo personal websiteGevon Servo Contributing blogger at Phoblographer has inspired me to consider adding an object into at least a portion of my 365 project…(he’s a coffee drinker, so I trust him). I am keeping with using one lens for a portion as well. I’ve been using a 50mm F/1.4G since beginning. I’ll figure out if I want to use if for 50ish days in a row, or keep a tally throughout the year, dividing each owned lens to equal number of days. I’ve still got time to figure that out.
    Tracey, who is my beautiful wife, partner, friend, assistant and favorite subject to photograph, and I decided that we will be emptying some of the items currently stored in our basement. Some things will go to the attic, some will go to the dump. Our goal is to have one side of the basement (there is a wall dividing it) for me to use as a….ready for it……STUDIO! Finally, I might be able to leave some lightstands up, with lights, and modifiers too!  We’ll see, we have a lot of “stuff”.

At any rate, here are all the shots I’ve made and posted since the 7th.

PLease take the time to check out the images on the actual site they are posted. I did a brief write-up for each one there. This is the Link!



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