January 6th

Monday, the first full week after the holidays, was not bad at all! It does help that I continuously check my work email 7 days per week so I was up to date on things. Not a lot of shooting today.  The light on the way home was very interesting. The sun was setting low and with the clods that were present really directed it into a swath of light about roof level. I took this shot and another of a water tower (which did not make the cut). I remember this looking very deep and rich in color but when I started to process the image it started looking too saturated and I backed it off. It pains me that there are power lines, etc in the way, but this is not a commercial photo and I am not after any awards. I know, I know, one should still only make public their best work….blah, blah..blah. Sometimes we just want to convey an interesting observation.

Almost a week into it! I’ve decided that I might not keep this blog on a daily basis, but I will keep the PaD going. When I do update this, I’ll be sure to post all of the images for each day that have passed.

Photo a Day


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