January 5th

Moving right along. Today was pretty uneventful, which is good some days. Sunday is our day for grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Basically errand running. I knew that I wanted to take a portrait of Tracey and I just could not think about any super cool ideas. She was quite busy herself, playing with her new scroll saw that we set up in the basement (thanks for stopping for me to get off a few shots honey). So, simple pose, at a small desk perusing a photo album. Letting me point a snooted flash at her at the end of an extended paint pole until I managed to aim it correctly…haha. Hopefully I’ll get some more shots similar to this, but more elaborate as well. I really want to step it up this year, so to speak.

I’d love to have a wardrobe of clothes for these types of shots, some props, backgrounds, etc. I watched a photographer on Youtube, Ben Stant who really has inspired me to be more creative. Especially when he does this wonderful shoot in his basement! I have a basement! I can make those stage flats! I think that I’ll make some room in the basement and start making some better, more planned and creative images! I need some props…..

With all this said, if anyone has any ideas for an image, settings, poses, etc…please, please, please…share them!




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