January 4th

Not a lot going on today. It was pretty cold here! 18 degrees! That is not very common here in Bowling Green. I think it warmed up to barely above freezing before dropping again. I did manage to remove all of the illuminated yard decorations we set up for Christmas.  They were covered in ice, so they only made it to the screened porch. We dawdled around the house, ate lunch and headed out without much of a plan. Drove to an antique market in King George Virginia to look around. Tracey found some pretty cool items, that consumed a couple of hours. We left, grabbed some jerky and a drink and headed to another antique market. I took my camera inside here. There always seems to be something very old that I want to shoot and today was not different. Here are a few of the shots I took while there. They are black and white, I have been leaning towards b&w for some reason. I’ll keep it up until it no longer interest me, I suppose.

Link to my PaD Gallery 

Here are the photos…..


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