January 3rd

What’s this? Three days in a row? Trust me, this is not even the proverbial “drop in the bucket”. I must say that I enjoyed shooting these 3 images. One was staged and intentional,  one was just playing with the CLS in my camera, and one was just shot from the hip. I like black and white, a lot….contrasty, shadowy….love it. I recently listened to a photographer discuss previewing the images in camera in B&W to study shadows and the way the light falls over your subject. Looking at a color image you can easily overlook those details because you are consumed with the vibrance, color, etc. Interestingly enough, I liked the way they looked in camera! Once I imported them into LR, things changed. I shoot RAW and in LR all images are converted to DNG (Digital Negative) files, so…..all the color was back. I edited them in post back the way I saw them in the camera viewfinder. I think that I would have enjoyed the days of film (I wish I had found photography many years ago).  Here are the three images, one of which I’ll use as my PaD…..guess which one is which based on the descriptions previously mentioned?



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