2014, Day one

Ta-Da! Ok, I’ve decided that I’ll go forward and torture myself by committing to another 365 project, well…..maybe at least. I am still undecided on a 365, or a 52 (week). With the weekly challenge I can procrastinate for 7 days on an image to make…hehe. If I did manage to dream up a shot, I’d have an entire week to plan it, but we all know the truth. So today there is an image. Not a fancy, well planned out shot either. I decided that I would document the gear I plan to use (or at least have access to said gear). I’ll keep it all in the car and will have no excuse for needing any of it. I still plan on sticking to one lens for x-number of shots this year, maybe also change things up as referenced in the last post I made. If anyone is interested in the brand of the lightstands, softbox, or tripod, let me know and I’ll list them. Trust me, they are very inexpensive. I bought that tripod just to keep it in the car (never know when you might need it).

At any rate, let the fun for 2014 begin!
I’ll also be posting the images on Pbase
 Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or advice!

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