Another week is come and gone. Almost 30 days into 2014. I’ve managed to keep the Photo-a_day going. Not only have I been able to get a photo each day, but I have not rushed some crappy iphone shot just to say “here is my PaD!”. I wish that I could keep this blog up to some extent, but hey, I am not doing this for anyone except me. We’ve had some pretty cold weather here, snow, ice, wind, cold, cold…..I think it is keeping us all indoors. I was downtown Fredericksburg this past Sunday at and after lunch and I bet there were less than 30 people walking around. Tracey and I went to the usual antique shops, grabbed a coffee at Hyperion Expresso and some  more shopping. Oh, we also ate lunch at Sammy T’s. I’ve been using that manual 24mm lens quite a bit and I actually like it, enough to even look for more older lenses to play around with. I’m also seeing that I enjoy primes better than zooms….odd. Today I took some photos in haste and made some mistakes, earlier this week I didn’t check my settings (the pictures came out good, but I was a little PO’d that I forgot some things).  I am looking forward to the warm weather, I want to get some “street-style” shooting in! I needs some crowds!

At any rate, here are the images from the last week.

Link to the PaD


Another week has passed….

One week since my last post and I think this is better than trying to write daily. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately, on photography of course. I purchased Zack Arais’s book, “Photography Q&A. So far, I am enjoying every letter of that book. He really lays it out, no sweetener added and I love it. So much great info.

I’m still faithfully following all of the updates from the Phoblographer site. Those folks are awesome, working folks with a love of photography and the desire to share their ideas, tips, tricks, news, reviews….just plain awesomeness.

I’ve also kept up with my PaD. A few times I felt as though I would fail to get an image, but instead of stressing about it, I decided just to think about how to make a shot and then see if there was a subject, or scene/setting that I could use. So far that type of thinking is working. Tonight, January 19ths image was a load of fun. Tracey and I put our heads together and took some great shots (I think so) of her.

As always, I do this for me, write this for me and I really enjoy making images and sharing them along with anything I’ve learned or read with friends or anyone else who asks or wants to listen.

Photo a Day Gallery

Here are the images from last week.

January 12th

     If it has went unnoticed, as I am sure that SO MANY read this..haha….I decided that I would not stress over writing a new post daily. I’ve managed to wait it out 6 whole days for this.

     So, I have managed to take a photo, edit said photo and upload it to my PaD (photo-a-day) Gallery over at Pbase. I am still enjoying it and today was no different. Today was a spur of the moment shot, but I feel pretty good about it. Not because I think it is a fantastic shot (the subject is of course), but because I stepped out of the car and managed to quickly compose, attach an SB-700 to a Justin clamp on a pear tree and light it! I would have preferred to get two lights up and flashing with a softbox, but hey….”spur of the moment”, right?
     One of the many talented photographers I follow on many sites, Gevon Servo on Google +Gevon Servo personal websiteGevon Servo Contributing blogger at Phoblographer has inspired me to consider adding an object into at least a portion of my 365 project…(he’s a coffee drinker, so I trust him). I am keeping with using one lens for a portion as well. I’ve been using a 50mm F/1.4G since beginning. I’ll figure out if I want to use if for 50ish days in a row, or keep a tally throughout the year, dividing each owned lens to equal number of days. I’ve still got time to figure that out.
    Tracey, who is my beautiful wife, partner, friend, assistant and favorite subject to photograph, and I decided that we will be emptying some of the items currently stored in our basement. Some things will go to the attic, some will go to the dump. Our goal is to have one side of the basement (there is a wall dividing it) for me to use as a….ready for it……STUDIO! Finally, I might be able to leave some lightstands up, with lights, and modifiers too!  We’ll see, we have a lot of “stuff”.

At any rate, here are all the shots I’ve made and posted since the 7th.

PLease take the time to check out the images on the actual site they are posted. I did a brief write-up for each one there. This is the Link!


January 6th

Monday, the first full week after the holidays, was not bad at all! It does help that I continuously check my work email 7 days per week so I was up to date on things. Not a lot of shooting today.  The light on the way home was very interesting. The sun was setting low and with the clods that were present really directed it into a swath of light about roof level. I took this shot and another of a water tower (which did not make the cut). I remember this looking very deep and rich in color but when I started to process the image it started looking too saturated and I backed it off. It pains me that there are power lines, etc in the way, but this is not a commercial photo and I am not after any awards. I know, I know, one should still only make public their best work….blah, blah..blah. Sometimes we just want to convey an interesting observation.

Almost a week into it! I’ve decided that I might not keep this blog on a daily basis, but I will keep the PaD going. When I do update this, I’ll be sure to post all of the images for each day that have passed.

Photo a Day

January 5th

Moving right along. Today was pretty uneventful, which is good some days. Sunday is our day for grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Basically errand running. I knew that I wanted to take a portrait of Tracey and I just could not think about any super cool ideas. She was quite busy herself, playing with her new scroll saw that we set up in the basement (thanks for stopping for me to get off a few shots honey). So, simple pose, at a small desk perusing a photo album. Letting me point a snooted flash at her at the end of an extended paint pole until I managed to aim it correctly…haha. Hopefully I’ll get some more shots similar to this, but more elaborate as well. I really want to step it up this year, so to speak.

I’d love to have a wardrobe of clothes for these types of shots, some props, backgrounds, etc. I watched a photographer on Youtube, Ben Stant who really has inspired me to be more creative. Especially when he does this wonderful shoot in his basement! I have a basement! I can make those stage flats! I think that I’ll make some room in the basement and start making some better, more planned and creative images! I need some props…..

With all this said, if anyone has any ideas for an image, settings, poses, etc…please, please, please…share them!



January 4th

Not a lot going on today. It was pretty cold here! 18 degrees! That is not very common here in Bowling Green. I think it warmed up to barely above freezing before dropping again. I did manage to remove all of the illuminated yard decorations we set up for Christmas.  They were covered in ice, so they only made it to the screened porch. We dawdled around the house, ate lunch and headed out without much of a plan. Drove to an antique market in King George Virginia to look around. Tracey found some pretty cool items, that consumed a couple of hours. We left, grabbed some jerky and a drink and headed to another antique market. I took my camera inside here. There always seems to be something very old that I want to shoot and today was not different. Here are a few of the shots I took while there. They are black and white, I have been leaning towards b&w for some reason. I’ll keep it up until it no longer interest me, I suppose.

Link to my PaD Gallery 

Here are the photos…..

January 3rd

What’s this? Three days in a row? Trust me, this is not even the proverbial “drop in the bucket”. I must say that I enjoyed shooting these 3 images. One was staged and intentional,  one was just playing with the CLS in my camera, and one was just shot from the hip. I like black and white, a lot….contrasty, shadowy….love it. I recently listened to a photographer discuss previewing the images in camera in B&W to study shadows and the way the light falls over your subject. Looking at a color image you can easily overlook those details because you are consumed with the vibrance, color, etc. Interestingly enough, I liked the way they looked in camera! Once I imported them into LR, things changed. I shoot RAW and in LR all images are converted to DNG (Digital Negative) files, so…..all the color was back. I edited them in post back the way I saw them in the camera viewfinder. I think that I would have enjoyed the days of film (I wish I had found photography many years ago).  Here are the three images, one of which I’ll use as my PaD…..guess which one is which based on the descriptions previously mentioned?