Last day for a change of heart!

New Year’s Eve…..I can still change my mind about my PaD for 2014, but then I read an article by a photographer I frequently follow. G Servo he also has his own site here as well as a Google + account, etc. He mentions several (5) other ideas to keep me interested in this coming year. I mentioned my restrictions, but I didn’t consider the 5 that he lists! So, I am not going to spill the beans on his post here, rather, head over to his posts and see what I am rambling about.

Hopefully my next post will have a photo attached!

Have a safe and fun New Year’s celebration!



2 thoughts on “Last day for a change of heart!”

  1. Just dont shave one side of your face for the full year, take a photo in the mirror every morning before showering or bathing whichever you prefer. At the end of the year you can do one of those clever time lapse thingys! Wooooo! Your other half may not like the idea, but just dont tell her, stay on one side of her the whole year…. It might work! 🙂

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